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Fake nude celebrit

From: Bataur(39 videos) Added: 13.06.2021 Views: 856
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Comments (3)
Kigagis 13.06.2021
Männlichen Darstellern sollte neben Redeverbot, Geräuscheverbot erteilt werden inkl. Oh, ja und mhm. Es klingt einfach immer unnatürlich und ist ein abturner
Faum 19.06.2021
This is the most ridiculous thing.
Kashura 21.06.2021
honestly for me, the face is what determines whether or not i'm attracted to someone before i even talk to them, then the body (i like skinny chicks or even normal sized, being overweight is a turnoff for me). Having big titts is just a bonus and i admit has an immediate gravitational pull on my eyes cause they're cool and fun, but ultimately i don't care all that much if they're flat, as long as i'm attracted to the face and body. After all that, what truly decides if i'll stay with that chick or not is personality and her beliefs, cause a chick might be a total 10/10 with big boobs and an amazing ass, but if she is dumb or super boring and can't make me laugh and enjoy being around her, then it prob won't work out. so yeah boobs are a bonus but i'd like to believe most guys can look past that and as long as they're attracted to the girl and she seems fun, then they'll definitely hit on her.